Undoubtedly LeofitaGym can be chosen because of its long opening hours and low prices.

To get a membership we invite you to visit LeofitaGym during these times: Monday to Friday 12.00 – 20.00. If given times are very unsuitable, get in touch with us and we will do our best to find the most convenient time for both sides. The sports club is open daily 05:30 – 23:00 for members.

When registering for the first time, you have to have a valid picture ID. Sixteen and seventeen year-olds must bring the parental agreement.

In LeofitaGym sports club you can pay both in cash and by any payment cards.

You can start training immediately after getting the membership or the membership can be activated on another day, but not later than 30 days after the purchase date.

Members can train at LeofitaGym every day from 05:30 in the morning until 23:00 in the evening, for an unlimited time during their visit.

1 month – 25 Eur,

3 months – 59 Eur,

6 months – 99 Eur,

12 months – 169 Eur.

Yes, when buying the membership you have to pay full price of the service.

Yes, LeofitaGym has a one time first registration fee of 5 €.
The one time fee is charged for a personal entrance tag (3 €) as well as a personal locker lock (2 €).
This fee is not mandatory if the customer has previously acquired an entrance tag and/or a locker lock.

Refer a friend who becomes a first time member and you will get a 10 € discount on your next month‘s fee.

Let the administrator know about this at the time of purchase, and we will prepare it for you.

No. LeofitaGym membership cannot be cancelled. You do not have to return your lock or entrance tag.

Yes. You can temporarily stop your membership for a specific number of days.
It works like this:
1 month‘s membership – 2 days
3 months‘ membership – 6 days
6 months‘ membership – 12 days
12 month‘s membership – 24 days
We would also consider temporarily stopping your membership under certain conditions, such as a serious illness or injury. In this case, please give us a medical certificate.

You can extend your membership by coming to LeofitaGym during the administrative working hours (Mon-Fri 14:00 – 20:00), or you can pay by direct transfer (visit the „Membership“ page for more details). Your previously purchased entrance tag will be valid after membership is extended.

If you lost your entrance tag, you should visit during the administrative working hours (Mon-Fri 14:00 – 20:00). You will be given a new personal entrance tag for a 3€ replacement fee.

You can purchase a LeofitaGym gifting coupon during the administrative working hours (Mon-Fri 14:00 – 20:00) at the gym.

LeofitaGym gifting coupon is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Gifting coupons can be exchanged for any merchandise sold or service at LeofitaGym, including gym memberships, sessions with a private coach or sports supplements. The gifting coupon will not be exchanged for cash.

No, LeofitaGym currently doesn’t have any group classes.

Yes, LeofitaGym changing rooms have spacious and comfortable shower cubicles and other necessary equipment.

During your training you can leave your personal belongings in the locker in the changing room. Lock the locker with your personal lock. After training leave your locker empty and unlocked.

Be aware that LeofitaGym is not responsible for your belongings that are left behind. We recommend that you not bring valuable things to the sports club.

Yes, your personal lock can be comfortably left hanging in a specialized place in the changing room. In this case, just remember to mark it in an original way to distinguish it from other people`s locks.

LeofitaGym has modern, ergonomic and reliable training equipment. Our sports club is divided into cardio, strength, free weight and warm-up zones.

To see more, we invite you to visit in person or see pictures online on “leofitagym.lt” or on our facebook page.

Administrators will provide you with basic information about the sports club and training equipment it has. LeofitaGym administrators are not qualified coaches, hence for your safety and an effective workout with the training equipment, we recommend that you request a private session or sessions with coaches working at LeofitaGym.

To set up private sessions, you have to register by phone with our personal coach, Vytautas, at +370-674-53231. He will arrange a convenient, individual time with you.

Yes. LeofitaGym will allow you two complimentary visits to the gym! In order to do this, you have to come to the sports club during administrative working hours (Mon-Fri 14:00 – 20:00).

You have to bring clean sports shoes and sports wear with you.

Yes, you can use free Wifi while training at LeofitaGym. You will find the password on the notice board.

Yes, at LeofitaGym you can get various sports supplements.

If you ever notice any malfunction, have a question or problem, please immediately give us a call at +370-618-84488.

Of course, it’s ok to continue with us without any new payments during your membership time.

Your agreement is active and you do not need to renew it.

The sports club will continue working long hours without any days off, so you are able to choose the most convenient time for yourself.